Massage Therapy

Dealing with persisting muscle spasming or muscle pain? Are you having trouble moving or getting around without pain? Do you wonder if your muscle painwill ever improve?

If this describes you, you will be happy to know that massage therapy at East Canyon Chiropractic is a treatment option that can help to reduce pain, muscle spasm and tightness, and help to restore normal movement. You will also leave feeling amazing!

Muscle spasming and guarding occurs when a particular muscle group isn't receiving enough oxygen and blood flow. When this occurs over a long period of time, often amplified by extended sitting, stress, or trauma, different acids are produced by the muscle cells, leading to a build up of these acids, eventually causing PAIN.

Massage therapy is an effective adjuct to Chiropractic Care in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, and does provide immediate relief for numerous pain syndromes.

Ask about experiencing massage therapy with our resident certified massage technician, Stacey Puzach. Stacey has been serving patients in our office for over 3 years, and brings 10 years of clinical experience. Stacey can perform all types of massage therapy techniques. Stacey has helped hundreds of our patients feel fantastic. She can do the same for you.